countersurveillance armor for the citizen body

If police wear body armor to protect themselves while in public, what must The Public wear to protect themselves from the police?


The Argus Project is a wearable sculpture, video installation and countersurveilance training which directly intersects the public debate over police accountability.

According to ancient Greek myth, Argus Panoptes was a giant with 100 eyes who served as an eternal watchman, both for - and against - the gods.  By embedding an array of camera "eyes" into a full body suit of tactical armor, the Argus exo-suit creates a "force field of accountability" around the bodies of those targeted.  

While some see filming the police as a confrontational or subversive act, it is in fact, a deeply democratic one.  The act of bearing witness to the actions of the state - and showing them to the world - strengthens our society and institutions.  

The Argus Project is not so much about an individual hero, but the Citizen Body as a whole.

Together, we are all Argus. 


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